We offer regular workshops for ALICE and SHARK users. The workshops usually consist of a presentation and amble time for questions and discussions.

We offer a general introduction workshop and workshops focusing on specific topics.

We are maintaining a list of potential topics and suggestions from users are very welcome. You can send your suggestions to

Workshop schedule

The following table shows the schedule for upcoming workshops. You can click on the title of the workshop to get more information on the workshop.

See the next section on how to register for our workshops.




For Who?

Participants limit

Deadline for registration





For Who?

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After the summer break






Registration for all Workshops

Registration is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. If the registration for a workshop is closed, you can still sign-up, and we will put you on the waiting list in case a spot frees up.

For SHARK and ALICE users, you can register by sending an e-mail to with the following information

  • Which workshop do you want to register for (specify the date):

  • Name

  • Department

  • ALICE and/or SHARK username

  • Which cluster are you using: ALICE or SHARK or both?

  • Level of Linux experience: New, Novice or Experienced

  • Level of HPC experience: New, Novice or Experienced

If you registered for a workshop, but you cannot attend, please let us know, so that we can give the spot to someone else.

Introduction Workshop

The workshop “Introduction to HPC with ALICE and SHARK” consists of a theoretical session and a practical session. For the latter, you need to bring your own laptop.

We offer the introduction workshop as an in-person and online workshop.


The currently used slides from the introduction workshop can be found here:

Workshop on Slurm

In this workshop, we will look at some aspects of using Slurm in more detail, e.g.:

  • Setting resources for jobs

  • Job scheduling and priority

  • salloc and srun

  • Ntasks versus cpus-per-task and when to use what

  • Depending on time, we can also look at job arrays

For now, this workshop is usually done in-person.

This workshop is not an introduction to Slurm. Participants should have at least some minimal practical experience with using Slurm on ALICE or SHARK.

For completely new users on ALICE and SHARK, we also recommend to attend an introduction workshop first.


The slides for this workshop are available here:

Workshop on Software 1

In this workshop, we will have a closer look at using and installing software on the cluster, e.g.:

  • Background and advanced usage of modules (and what to watch out for)

  • Containers

  • Installing software yourself

  • Working with conda environments


The workshop has not taken place yet. After the workshop took place for the first time, we will add the slides here.